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        As a Top Dallas REALTOR® it's my job to keep everyone informed on everything that is going on in Dallas Real Estate!  Read some of my real estate blogs and contact me about any of your real estate needs.  Also, email me about any topics you would like for me to blog about.  I hope you find some good information that helps you on your real estate journey.  At Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Residential we can do it all!

Fall Is The Perfect Time To Get Your Home Ready To Sell Fast In The Spring!
        Fall is the perfect time to get your home ready to sell fast in the Spring!  Yes, in a few days start getting out the paint brushes and mulch!         The Dallas Real Estate Market has proven to not be so shabby after all.  With a slew of interest rate hikes last year, home buyers decided to stay on the sidelines.  Uncertainty is never a good thing for the stock market or for real estate.  If you have ready some of my blogs before then you know the stock ...
Record Low Interest Rates Are Giving Dallas TX Real Estate A Boom!
        Don't count the Dallas Cowboys out or the Dallas Real Estate Market for that matter!  It isn't just the Dallas Cowboys swinging for the fences: celebrating their second win of the season today.  The Real Estate Market is making a come back with August and September up 5% from a year ago!  This is a huge win for Dallas!         End of summer always takes a nose dive with Back To School.  Just like clock work things go radio silent.  Not to mention that this time last year the ...
Top Rated Dallas Real Estate Agent: Alex Prins Does It Again!
        Some econimists say a Recession is coming!  Some econominsts call it an economic easing!  Some economists say that Dallas has added over $100 Billion in value since the Recession over 10 years ago!  Some economists say interest rates are about to hit all time lows since 2016 with 2 more rate cuts this years!         Regardless, of what is going on in the market one would have to admit that a lot is going on right now.  The economy and housing market are so closely tied together.  So one moves and so ...
Real Estate Near Ubers New HQ Is Going To Heat Up In Dallas!
By Alex
August 22, 2019
        By now everyone has heard the news about Uber moving more then 3,000 employees to Dallas with their huge new HQ relocating to The Lone Star State!  And if you didn't then now you know!          This is going to be huge for Dallas and for the Real Estate Market here.  We already have a strong market.  One of the best in the nation, but now homes near the site should see increased activity and value.         Every couple of months it seems like DFW is getting ...
Uber Makes Massive Move With New HQ Coming To Dallas!
By Alex
August 21, 2019
        Boom Goes The Dynamite!  That is one of Mark Cuban's most expressive sayings from the hit tv show, Shark Tank.  However, the news from yesterday has nothing to do with Shark Tank or Mark Cuban, but even a Billionaire like him would be happy about the announcement from yesterday!         Move aside Amazon HQ2, because Uber is moving more the 3,000 employees to Dallas with it's new HQ being built in Deep Ellum!  400 employees will be in Dallas by years end.  These employees being relocated to Dallas will be hubbed ...